Hello! Korea’s elderly population is growing at the fastest rate in the world, and it has become an urgent issue to research health problems of the elderly people and seek solutions. Among many health issues, frailty has been attracting keen attention in geriatric medicine.

It indicates a state of a decrease in muscle, a decline in muscular strength, a slowdown in gait, and a feeling of fatigue even from mild activities. These symptoms may result in a fall, a bone fracture and other difficulties in physical movement. Such incident raises a probability of being admitted to a

long-term care facility or a hospital for treatment, and leads to a higher probability of death. Under this circumstance, it is a welcoming move that the Ministry of Health and Welfare acknowledged the importance of frailty among elderly population, and granted a budget for a project on . Our research fellows are fully committed to preventing and managing health issue of elderly population, and your generous support and advice would be greatly appreciated.

April 15, 2016 Chang-Won Won General Principal Investigator
Department of Family Medicine, Kyung-Hee University

Korean Frailty and Aging Cohort Study (KFACS)
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